Buffalo Girls (2012) - Feature Documentary

An unflinching look at Thailand's underground world of child boxers -

of which there are over 30,000. 


BUFFALO GIRLS tells the story of two

8 year-old girls who are professional

Muay Thai prizefighters. Set in small villages throughout rural Thailand, the

film chronicles these young girls' journey, one that is alternately empowering and heartbreaking, as they fight in small neighborhood arenas in order to win prize-money to help provide for their families.


After many months of rigorous training and a grueling schedule of fights, Stam and Pet must ultimately fight each other for the 20 Kilo championship belt of Thailand.


The cash prize that goes with it will change the winner's life forever. 

Directed by Todd Kellstein 

Produced by Jonathon Ker

Consulting Producer: Christel Cornilsen